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Why is photography so expensive?

Updated: Jan 15

1) Hawaii is expensive. It's extremely high cost of living. We are in the middle of the pacific ocean, everything must be imported. Housing, food, delivery cost, gas, are up the roof.

2) Cameras and lenses ($3,000 - $10,000), plus back up cameras, SD cards, batteries, light set up, camera bag, tripod, computer, chairs, etc.

3) A vehicle for transportation, gas, insurance, and wear and tear.

4) Business registration, yearly insurance, website subscription, purchase permit per photo session, marketing, education, etc.

5) Editing software subscription. One hour of shooting could take from 5-8 hours of editing time.

6) Time spending such as editing, communications, coordinate sessions, agreements, invoicing, bookkeeping, travel, back up images, sending photos, social management and general admin work.

A successful photographer is not just great at taking photos but needs to manage the whole business.

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