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Preparations for great photos!

Updated: 4 days ago

Photo session is fun and exciting! Great photos requires great communications between the photographer and clients, preparations, and research before the photo shoot day. The photographer's responsibilities are to directing, running smoothly, having fun, and providing beautiful photos to the client. The client also needs to help preparing, research, and feel comfortable. Comfortable with great emotions are the best poses and photos.

1) Rest, drink, and eat well before the photo session.

2) Always wear sunscreen.

3) Avoid rushing, rushing tends to drive other members unhappy.

4) Let the photographer know what you like and don't like such as poses, bellies, arms, chins, kissing, left or right side of the face, etc.

5) Highly recommend to do some research on poses you like and share with the photographer.

6) MOST IMPORTANT: Be happy and feel comfortable. No poses can make a great photo without being happy and comfortable.

What to wear:

Light color clothes and barefoot are highly recommended for beach photos.

I'm looking forward to serving you! Mahalo!

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