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            Below is our policy, please review if you are ok with it and have any concerns? Make sure to let the photographer know if you have any concern.

A full deposit refund if natural disaster, raining, health issues (require some kind of proof), or have the deposit transfers to anyone. Also, a full refund if a photographer will not be able to make it due to some valid reasons or a photographer will recommend another photographer to cover the photo session.

Client has full rights on their photos or videos to do whatever they wish for personal use. If photos or videos are for commercial or advertisement used, please consult with the photographer. General photo editing consists of color grading, exposure adjustments, contrast, white balance, light skin retouch, remove some small unwanted objects, minor body shape adjustments, etc. will be included in the flat fee. Small adjustment requests are free after receiving photos.

Any extreme editing requests that are out of the photographer control will be additional charge such as replacing objects, replacing skies, extreme body shape adjustments, etc. will be $10 per photo.

Raw photos are not included.

Remaining balance is due one day after photo session.

Please note that every person has their own preferences and no one is the same regarding poses and tone of the photos.

Poses: We will create as many different poses as possible and you get to pick the ones that you like and/or you could recommend your own poses as well. Poses consist of looking at the camera and smile, candid, walking, playing on the beach, silhouette, jumping, laughing, kneeling, hugging, kissing, holding hands, running, getting wet, etc. If you don't like certain poses, you are very welcome to let the photographer know as we are here to create the photos that you are desired and cherished.

Tone: We will edit the photos as natural as possible with adjustments and color corrections to bring out the beauty of the landscapes. Once you have received the photos and if the tone of the photos are not as quite as you are desired such as if the photos are too golden or not too golden, please request the photographer to adjust the tones as the way you are desired.

Sample photos: If you could do some research online to find the type of poses or tone of the photos you love and send them to the photographer so we have ideas of what you like, this would be very helpful.

Weather: The weather in Maui is unpredictable. Each location has different weather conditions. It could be sunny at your location and it could be raining at the photo shoot location. We will work our best on what ever the nature gives us. Like mentioning above, you will get a full refund if raining or any natural disaster. Otherwise, we will continue to do our photo shoot or you could change the date if I have availability.

Wind: Maui is one of the windiest island in Hawaii. Some beaches have less wind than others. We will recommend you the beaches that have less wind but it still depends on that day. Morning tends to be less windy than afternoon. If it's windy, we will pick certain angles to avoid wind flying on your face, we take many photos to get the best ones, and we will edit some hair if needed but not all hair can be edited.

Morning photo shoot: Morning (Sunrise) will be softer light and more bluest color compare to sunset. West and south Maui, the sun will rise behind the mountain. North beaches, the sun will rise on the east side of the beach.

Sunset photo shoot: Sunset has golden light if not overcast. Most clients pick sunset over sunrise. Sunset is the best time to take photos.

Mid day photo shoot: Mid day photo shoot should be avoided unless it's a must or anywhere between 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. The photos will still be pretty but you can't beach sunrise or sunset.

Please let the photographer know what you like and don’t like so the photographer is aware to avoid such as belly, arms, no kissing, no silhouette, not getting wet or love candid style photos, love laughing and playing on the beach, love walking along the beach, include palm trees and lava rocks, etc.

Photos or videos are important parts of the photographer to showcase the work for potential clients. If the photos are not allowed to share on the photographer profiles such as the photographer’s website, Instagram, Yelp etc. Please let the photographer know, and we will not share any photo to the internet or print on any form of advertisements.

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